Are you finding it difficult to fit in a workout and so you let yet another day go by without getting
your workout in?

I think we’ve all been there. But one thing that helps me is to do these quick but very impactful
training sessions. This one took me 20 minutes and I was on fire.

So, if you’re finding yourself saying the oh so common phrase “I don’t have time”, you can
certainly make time for this one. Time is not the issue, it’s how you’re prioritizing your time that’s
the real problem.

20 minutes, AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
8 Thrusters
10 (ea) Snatches
10 Box Jumps
12 (ea) Jump Lunges
20 sec. Sprints

It doesn’t feel the greatest during, but if you give it a full effort for 20 minutes, you’ll be so glad
you did…you’ll literally stuff an hour workout into this 20 minutes.
Have fun!