If you follow this blog, you know that I typically write to you on Sunday mornings and if you have followed me for any amount of time, you also know that I am a golf fanatic.

Well, this Sunday morning happens to be the final day at The Players Championship and I will be glued to my TV all day watching the tournament 🙂

While most of you reading this probably couldn’t care less about golf, there are some things that we can all learn from successfully navigating 18 holes, and this blog is going to teach you exactly that.

Last week we discussed re-positioning your focus, and truly understanding that the current state of fear-mongering in our industry is not just ridiculous – it is downright hurtful.  I continue to see more and more clients coming my way asking about things that simply don’t matter (yet) in their journey….

Or worse yet, I see people self-diagnosing several relatively serious medical conditions based on the information they are receiving on Instagram or Facebook….


Hopefully, last week’s blog cleared up that confusion for you, and you now understand the concept of properly utilizing the questions WHAT, WHY and HOW!

This week, I want to better help you navigate the process…

Let’s be honest – even the best-designed plans won’t always work

And let’s be even more honest – even with the best-designed plan at our fingertips, WE won’t always execute appropriately.

Here is what you need to know about that – IT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE AND 100% OK!

Unfortunately, without a proper understanding of the process, most individuals will allow plateaus or a lack of execution to derail them – sending them in search of alternative solutions or even quitting altogether…

Sound familiar?

Diet hopping….

Starting and stopping…

Crash diets….

We all like to blame the diet itself for these issues, but more often than not it comes down a misunderstanding of executing inside the process!

272 Steps

Back to our golf analogy, the winner of today’s tournament will have hit approximately 272 shots in their road to victory…

NOTE – that does not say 272 PERFECT SHOTS – it simply says “steps.”

While your dietary success will likely have way more than 272 steps – you must understand that they will not all be perfect.

In fact, the perfectionist mindset is what is likely paralyzing you.

Golfers hit shots in the water, in the trees, and who knows where else…

You will proverbially do the same – you will eat off your macros, get a little too drunk one night, and downright just not want to comply some days


Step 100 is no more pivotal than step 200, they are all just a sequence that needs to add up to the right result

If you find yourself off track, simply reassess, ask yourself why you are not executing, and then re-engage the plan.



Simply understand deviations are in fact a part of the process – and enjoy the (crazy) ride 🙂


I am often asked “how long will this process take”

My response – “it depends”

Read this next line carefully:

ANYONE THAT GUARANTEES YOU RESULTS IN A FIXED AMOUNT OF TIME IS SELLING YOU A LIE (I can perhaps make a case that contest prep coaches are different, but even then no one can blueprint the process)

Your results and your journey are unique

Attempting to fit your journey into a predefined time frame only adds stress to an already extremely successful process…


Instead, understand that you are unique – and so is your lifestyle

The things that will or won’t happen in the near future cannot be predicted

To be fair – what I am presenting right now is likely something you have heard before, but here’s is a unique solution that you have not been exposed to.

When setting targets inside of your dietary journey, set PROCESS ORIENTED targets…

Your dietary endeavor cannot be purely defined by the number on the scale each morning…

It can also not be defined purely by a reflection in the mirror or a number of inches lost…

Consider defining your success purely by your actions….

Did you hit your macros?

Did you sleep?

Did you control your stress?


Just like golfers can only control the shot that they are currently standing over, you can only control the next action that needs to be taken – period!


Your diet will not and should not be the same as anyone else.

It should not be predicated purely on your physical self.

And it needs to evolve as your journey evolves.


Unfortunately, you are also human, and you will compare yourself to others.

You will resort to the thinking that “if it worked for my friend, it should work for me.”

Ironically – you would never say those things when it comes to living arrangements, financial strategies, relationships, or virtually any other industry – yet when it comes to diets we all like to think there is ONE MAGIC SOLUTION

WELL – just like no two golfers have the same swing – no two diets should be set up the same.

In golf, it comes down to body movement, individual leverage points, mobility, and several other variables…

Ultimately by properly controlling all of the variables, a golfer aims to repeatedly and predictably strike a ball so that the desired response happens

In your dietary journey, it is no different

Understand your personal desires, your family variables, any financial restrictions you may or may not have, and any other life variables that exist – put them together – and EXECUTE YOUR STRATEGY

Keep your head down, stay focused on YOUR process, and ultimately you will find YOUR success 🙂


This blog contains a lot of simple information

Remember to take one moment at a time, and maximize each…

Stop placing unnecessary time restrictions on yourself…

Play YOUR game and execute YOUR diet….

Rinse – repeat.

This has been, and WILL ALWAYS BE the foundation of success – and must be observed.

As we close this blog, take some time and get back to basics.

Don’t overcomplicate things, and ENJOY THE JOURNEY – I promise success awaits 🙂

Have a great week!