Who doesn’t want to look amazing on their big day?!? Silly question, right :p But even more so, who wants to be stressing about their diet or weight or anything of the sort on their wedding day… exactly… no one! You want to enjoy the special moments in your life and when you have a nutrition coach on your side and a flexible dieting game plan in play you can do just that.

“I got married last month to the coolest guy I know.  It was a great day.  In fact, it was better than great.  Dare I say, it was the best day ever, just like everyone said it would be.

After a lifetime of daydreaming and a year of wondering what all the fuss was about, I finally got to see for myself.  People will do a lot for a love story.  Take, for example, driving 16 hours across the country alone through the night just to make it on time, shelling out thousands of dollars for silverware that will be used exactly one time, and slaving for hours over garland made entirely of fresh flowers for not just one venue, but two.  Somehow a wedding makes the ridiculous seem perfectly reasonable.

Last February I started working with Jess.  I’d gotten engaged in September 2016 and was starting to freak out.  Dress shopping was strange.  I found the perfect dress, but I didn’t recognize the person in it.  I felt bloated and puffy and angry.  I was working out 5-6 days a week, eating “clean” and my body did not represent that.

I read Jess’s bio for the first time and thought “oh my goodness.  I am her.  She is me.  We are the same person. Turns out I wasn’t that far off.  If we lived in the same city or heck even the same state I’m pretty sure we would hang out all the time.  I was fed up with feeling fluffy and growing increasingly frustrated that my body wasn’t reflecting my active, healthy lifestyle.

Her story made it easy to trust her completely from the very beginning.  My goal was to look and feel great on my wedding day while healing my metabolism and optimizing my hormones for baby making.  I had very realistic and rational expectations of looking exactly like myself on my wedding day and not like someone else.  On the surface, that is.  Deep down, there was a part of me who would prefer that I show up to my own wedding looking not entirely different, but like the skinnier, funnier, photo-shopped celebrity version of myself (hi Anna Kendrick) who has better dance moves and never fails to look flawless in front of the camera.

For the last few years I’d been looking at pictures of myself, and alternating between varying degrees of ambivalence and disgust, like a squeaking, rickety teeter totter in my brain.  I didn’t recognize myself in pictures, even the ones I didn’t quite hate.

Working with Jess changed everything for me.  I stopped being afraid of carbs and foods that weren’t “paleo” or “clean”.  I was eating more than ever, feeling great in the gym and watching my body transform before my eyes.  Not only that, I wasn’t feeling restricted by self-imposed, fear based food rules for the first time I can remember.

Working with Jess made the months before my wedding stress free (aside from the constant questions from my mother regarding place settings, invitations, my thoughts on burlap etc.).  I enjoyed every shower, every party, every tasting, every meeting that was preceded by or included lunch or dinner out, and the frequent glass of wine or cocktail to keep me sane.

The day of our wedding was perfect.  Looking at our pictures, I recognize myself.  When everything was over, we went on our honeymoon and enjoyed every second.  I told my husband on one of our flights back to the real world “This is the first trip in over 10 years that I’m not making a mental list of rules I need to follow when we get home as penance for the ‘sins’ of vacation.”

Now here I am.  I work out less.  I eat more.  I still struggle.  I still crave control over food.  But I’m learning to listen to my body, and I’m focused on the long game, which is to be able to dance with my husband at our grandchildren’s weddings.  When I look at my health through that lens, this isn’t a before and after story.  It isn’t about fitting into a dress.  It’s a story of health and healing that is only just beginning.”

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