Okay ladies, if you are chasing after a bikini body, It’s important to create that Hourglass shape,
my favorite things to focus on are glutes, hammies, and back.

Here are a few of my favorite bikini body workouts.

This was previously recorded before my eye surgery, cuz I can’t lift for 2 more weeks.

Bikini Body Workout:
4x 12 Deficit Deadlift
3x 10 Sumo Deadlift
4x 15 Lat pulldown (close grip shown)
3x 15 Hamstring Curl
4x 20 Glute Kickbacks
4x 12 Single arm cable row
3x 8 Lateral lunge
3x 15 Curtsey Lunge

Don’t forget to fuel your workouts with good carbs and protein. I love to have something simple
before a workout, cuz I don’t like to train on a full tummy, but I know if you don’t fuel, you’re
doing more harm than good. So, my go-to pre-workout meal is some sort of simple carb, like rice
cakes or banana. After my workout, I always consume some sort of quick digesting protein, such
as protein powder.

If you need help with how to execute some of these moves, head over to my Instagram page for the
video @amandahanquist