The #1 topic that comes up with pregnant clients? ⁣


This trumps the “what to eat” questions, the “what to expect while expecting questions” & the
“when will I bounce back” questions (which I’ll get to in a minute, don’t-you-worry). ⁣

Finding confidence in your new skin can be tricky. I even remember struggling with this during
my pregnancy. “How much will I gain?” “What will this mean for me postpartum?” I toggled
between days of insecurity and days of totally embracing my bump.⁣

But now as I reflect back I think of 4 things I would go back and tell my pregnant body the first
time around:⁣

🤰🏻 The goal isn’t to NOT look pregnant. ⁣
You’re pregnant. The whole goal was to be pregnant. You may find people commenting on how
you don’t look pregnant, and they mean it as a compliment. But it minimizes the process and
plants the tiny seed that the goal is to grow an entire human being while still fitting into your
previous pretty, tiny box. Breakthrough. Be proud. ⁣

🤰🏻You will struggle watching your body change. ⁣
It can be a difficult thing to watch your body change in new ways and feel like you have no
control, or no crystal ball of what this will look like moving forward. This doesn’t mean you hate
your body, it means you don’t recognize it, and that’s uncomfortable. But body image issues are
more about the stories we tell ourselves then the way our body actually looks. Celebrate more
than critique. ⁣

🤰🏻There is freedom to be found here. ⁣
Pregnancy is the time to focus on what your body can do,more than what it looks like (although,
let me tell you mama, it looks amazing). It’s time to find freedom from food. To focus on growing
more than shrinking. To show how you’re capable of more than you imagined (like CREATING
A HUMAN). There’s freedom to be found here. ⁣

🤰🏻You don’t need to “get your body back”. ⁣
In fact, it never left you. It’s shown up for you every day. Stop trying to go back- back before you
grew a human, back before you birthed a baby, back when you weren’t that happy with your
body to begin with. Instead, let us move forward with acceptance & appreciation.⁣