Interesting new statistic – gym memberships and subsequent working out are at an all time high.

Second interesting new statistic – obesity is higher than ever.


Wouldn’t more working out lead to a DECREASE in the obesity epidemic?? Apparently we have our answer…and the answer is NO!

Clearly this must lead us to the fact that DIET is the issue….right?

Well – maybe…

You see, if you are reading this nutrition blog, I am going to guess that you are likely frustrated, and haven’t been able to create the results you desire inside of your nutritional efforts..

But if it’s not the exercise, and it’s not the food…WHAT THE HECK IS IT????

I’m glad you asked…this blog is going to answer exactly that!

The obesity epidemic is nothing new, but the reasons behind the lack of results are beginning to vary…and it’s not for a lack of knowledge.

In fact, I would say that our society is the most educated it has ever been!

So let’s examine how a society that trains more and has the knowledge to eat better is still getting fatter by the day…..this should be fun 🙂


Let me be very clear – this article is not being written to give you yet another way to approach your macros

We have posted more than enough information on this site as to what a proper diet/training protocol look like.

Unfortunately what often goes missing is the APPLICATION of these appropriate diet and training methodologies.

FACT: A calorie deficit is required to lose weight

FACT: High intensity training is great for fat loss

ONE MORE FACT: A calorie deficit combined with high intensity training can lead to metabolic adaptation, which can PREVENT fat loss.

Wait, what?!?!

How can combining two things that are good for fat loss actually STOP fat loss?

Ahhhh – and this is exactly where the problem lies….MIS-APPLICATION

In the world of nutrition and fitness, there are a lot of things that “work”….but for who?

When choosing a protocol, you must ask yourself the following:

Does this protocol take into account my life stressors

Does this protocol take into account my metabolic history

Does this protocol take into account my current biofeedback

Does this protocol fit my lifestyle

Does this dietary protocol match up with my training protocol?

(the list can keep going)

Unfortunately, in today’s digital age EVERYTHING is being marketed for EVERYONE

Sorry, but this just doesn’t work – don’t fall into that trap!

Be sure that your nutrition plan and your training plan account for EVERYTHING in your life – and EVERYTHING that composes who YOU are.


Problem 2 – You are only focusing on DIET and TRAINING

In the beginning I told you that people are training more than ever…

then I told you that our society is more educated than ever…

and yet we still obesity rates climbing.

What I didn’t tell you at that point is that our society is also MORE STRESSED than ever. In the digital age, we are always “turned on” to conversations with others, checking social media, and never truly allowing ourselves to decompress…well…until bedtime.

But let’s be honest – in the “hustle society” we live in, bedtimes are getting later and wake up times are getting earlier which is actually creating a society of HUSTLE MORE, SLEEP LESS.

While this seems like a recipe for “success” in life, it certainly isn’t for your body!

(Note – I could go on a rant about how your frustration with your body is actually directly correlated to lack of success in other areas of your life, but I’ll save that for another article)

STRESS comes in many forms…

Work stress

Life stress

Home stress

Traffic stress

(the list is likely endless)

But let me add two more that maybe you aren’t considering…

TRAINING STRESS AND LACK OF SLEEP STRESS – two stressors that are running rampant but are absolutely within your control!

Fundamentally we know that your results are a direct adaptation to the stress you INTENTIONALLY impose on your body (example – lift weight/stressor ⇒ hypertrophy/adaptation)

Unfortunately, when the amount of stressors supersedes your body’s ability to adapt, you will only get worse.

So in a world that is becoming an increasingly more stressful place to live, it now makes sense that adding large amounts of additional stressors in the form of training volume/intensity and lack of sleep are actually THE REASONS you aren’t seeing the results you desire 🙂

Overtraining – maybe not a thing…..

Under recovering – DEFINITELY a thing….

Understanding your individual ability to ADAPT to stressors – EXACTLY HOW TO CREATE RESULTS!!!

Problem 3 – YOU!

OK this isn’t a huge problem, but it’s worth noting in this article.

Now let me be very clear – I don’t know you – but I do know this…


Unfortunately, I also know that western media has conditioned you to think that fitness/nutrition is a short term process.

4 week challenges

6 week challenges

12 week challenges

FUCK – If I hear the world challenge again I’m going to go crazy!!!

I am not in any way against using a period of time to commit to forming new habits…but that is in no way a challenge….it is not an END DATE to the work being done….AGREE?


So while “you” are not really a problem, I need you to understand that you need to begin being more careful about the way you consume information.

Sniff out the bullshit and GO ALL IN on yourself 😉

When in doubt – just email me – you know I keep it real AF 🙂


I truly wish fitness was as simple as “eat less, do more”….

On the surface, it is…but in a society that has bastardized nearly everything – it’s just not anymore.

Instead, go beyond the surface…

Understand application….

Control the variables outside of just food and exercise…


Have a great a week – chat soon 🙂

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