Sure, visible abs can be great, but want to know what’s even better? Listening to your body!!! We learned in the first half of this 2 part testimonial, that damage caused by restrictive dieting is no joke and your body needs some serious TLC to get back to working order. It’s important to not only listen to your body but also understand, what is your end goal and focus on the long game 🙂

“Since this is a part 2, I guess I should review where I left off with part 1. I was still in a reverse diet working with Jess Durando, eating more and weighing less. I had a ton of energy and I was crushing my workouts. This continued for a couple more months and I was on top of the world. Tracking macros, weighing myself every day, watching my biofeedback…it was all SO enjoyable for me. And since I was seeing such incredible results in a reverse diet, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when it was finally time for me to enter a diet phase.

Beginning of May is when I started to feel, off. I felt sluggish and bloated and my weight loss had stalled big time. Jess and I talked and decided to enter into a diet phase. I was elated, to say the least. It was time for my recovery from amenorrhea to come full circle, lose the weight and do it right! However as I entered the diet phase, there were a couple things that I noticed. I immediately became obsessive with my tracking, and I started dreading getting on the scale. For someone who was looking forward to losing weight in a healthy and relaxed way, these are two things that I definitely did not want to happen. Another clue that something was up, was that my period got way off. A normal cycle for a healthy woman ranges between 28-35 days. I had two cycles in a row that were 45 days. This obviously concerned me because of everything I had done in order to get my period back and to have a healthy cycle.

Somewhere in about a month’s time I allowed myself to think that I would be able to get back to the weight I was before, which I why I started getting into those obsessive behaviors again. Jessica was amazing throughout all of this. She would encourage me, she would talk me down, and she would remind me constantly of what my goal was…to be healthy. That was true; my goal IS to be healthy. I want my body to be in the best condition it can be to [Lord willing] bring children into this world. If being in an intentional diet phase means sacrificing my overall goal, then it isn’t worth it to me.

With that in mind, I e-mailed Jessica and told her my thoughts. I explained that I didn’t want to be tracking macros for the rest of my life, that I was so happy with how far I had come physically and emotionally in my time working with her, and how truly satisfied I am with where my body currently is. My goal going forward is to take what I have learned from Jessica and implement it into being “in tune” with my body’s needs. I wanted to be able to grab a pear and just bite into it, I wanted to be able to eat a little more if I was hungry and a little less if I wasn’t. I just want to eat well most of the time and move my body every day and not put myself into a box. Her support in this decision honestly meant the world to me. If it wasn’t for Jessica I truly believe I would have fallen back into old habits; crash dieting, impatience, “challenges…”etc. But because of what I have learned from her I have the confidence to move forward and simply, live.

I wish I could end this by saying “I’m pregnant!” but we’re just not there yet. When my husband and I are ready we’ll start trying for a family, but in the meantime I am priming my body to be the best it can be to grow those little humans one day.”


Crash Diets Don't Work