I get asked ALLLLL the time about how to grow the peach.

Genetics is helpful, but I will also tell you that is not the main reason. The main reason is in your
workout regime. I used to be a runner, entering all the local races and basically just going out
and running. However, once I began to implement resistance training, my legs began to take on
a new shape. Once I began to specifically train for the bikini shape, they got even better and
once I began to lift heavy and implemented a good diet as well…well that’s how it really started.

Here are some of my favorite glute and hammie workouts, don’t worry about getting bulky
ladies, unless you have the testosterone of man, you’ll be just fine!

Warm up:
2×25 Deadlift with the bar only, banded Monster walks, box jumps (10)
Working sets:
Deficit Deadlifts

Superset: (do these next two as a circuit)
Glute kickbacks
Lying hamstring curls
Curtsy Lunge
Hip Thrust

Goblet Squat
Step ups

Lift the amount of weight that is relevant to the number of repetitions you’re doing. So if you see
12, the last couple should be very challenging but not impossible. If you see 8, then increase the
weight you are lifting to make 8 reps challenging, but not impossible.

Remember, as we age our bodies as early as age 30 is beginning to decrease in muscle so if
you’re not helping to build muscle, you’re losing it. Less muscle means more fat, no one wants