On today’s episode of the AlliN3 Podcast, Jason interviews Aaron Hinde, co-creator, and president of LifeAid Beverage Company. Aaron and Jason share valuable tips on marketing, personal development, team building and much more. Tune in to hear the encouraging story of how this booming beverage company almost went bankrupt 12 times!  


“A wise marketer once said, he who goes negative the longest always wins.”
-Aaron Hinde

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Time Stamps:
5:00 The initial concept to the FitAid brand

11:00 Are free samples a lost art?

13:00 How Aaron almost went broke 12 times!

14:45 What enabled Aaron to push forward

17:39 How do you build your team members to be rockstars

23:00 Having the balls to leave a profitable career

26:24 Aaron’s # 1 tip to business owners

30:25 How self development affects your business

35:20 What’s next for FitAid, LifeAid and Aaron




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