Well, well, well it’s finally here…..the year that I not only COMPLETE Shredding Season but the year that I also WIN!

You see, the last two years have been….well….less than stellar.

In 2017 I launched the Nutritional Coaching Institute, and dieting during that was probably the worst idea I’ve ever had. In all fairness, I probably COULD have completed it had I been smarter in my approach, but in typical Jason fashion I came out HOT, and simply BURNED….the end wasn’t pretty.

In 2018 I was battling HPA Axis issues….to be fair this left my heart simply not in it, and I chose not to participate. However, iN3 coach Alison Phillips CRUSHED IT, and I’m very proud of what she achieved.

So now it’s MY TURN.

And in this blog, I will explain to you exactly what the game plan is for me to KEEP MY MONEY (if you haven’t heard, there is a $1000 cash prize this year)

Here we go…

The Pre Diet

If you have followed this nutrition blog at all, you know that I am a firm believer that all diets need to be periodized.

In complete transparency, I have not had any semblance of a diet for at least a year now…likely more.

Convenience has run my life, and I was completely at peace with that. My physical targets revolved around simply moving 3 times per week, and nothing more.

Because of a lack of structure in my dietary life, a “pre diet” was absolutely necessary. For Shredding Season, this included purely creating awareness. I needed to figure out what was actually feasible in terms of meal prep, schedule, and how much I truly could commit to training.

Read this next line carefully…


This pre diet phase showed me that I can commit to training 4-5 times per week, and I will need to eat at least one meal out per day.

The second thing I did in this phase was to begin wrapping my head around the quantity of intake.

No, I have not yet tracked, but I roughly estimated and realized how DRASTICALLY I am under consuming all macros. This is critical to understanding how the first week or two will go, my expectations can NOT be placed in line with anything revolving around the scale.

Finally, I have not limited any food that I desire for the last month. Pizza, burgers, pizza, burritos, pizza, ice cream, and did I mention pizza??? Yes, I have gained some water weight and maybe even a little fat…but I’m totally ok with that, as I recognize the next 12 weeks will be far more intense than anything I have undertaken for TWO YEARS!!!

Suffice to say – I’M READY!

The Diet (Plan)

Once again, in full transparency I need to confess that this is the CURRENT PLAN – this is absolutely subject to change if I feel differently on Monday morning, or anywhere in the beginning stages of this process.

With that said, here is how I am planning on attacking Stage 1.

One thing I know for sure is that my food quality has been AWFUL.

My typical diet lately has consisted of the following:

1st Phorm Greens in the AM

Breakfast from a local restaurant – 5 egg omelet with ham, tomatoes, cheese, bacon + 1 blueberry pancake

Lunch from Protein House – 9oz bison, 1.5 cups white rice, asparagus, tomatoes, teriyaki sauce

Pre-workout – drink from 1st Phorm

Post workout – 1 scoop ALL iN Recovery + 1 scoop Ignition from 1st Phorm

Dinner – usually Chipotle or a salad from a local restaurant, pizza weekly, and a burger weekly

Clearly, I lack A LOT of macros AND micros!

With that in mind, I also recognize that my insulin sensitivity is likely not ideal for what is about to come – from a biofeedback perspective, this is easy to recognize as carbs have made me more tired than they have given me energy lately.

For this reason, I am planning to start my diet with a brief lower carb, higher fat phase.

NO – this is not keto, but I have previous dietary data that tells me if I go low carb for 12-14 days, my insulin sensitivity peaks relatively quickly!

Macros will likely be close to 250g protein, 125g carb, 100g fat with carbs solely around and intra workout.

NOTE – my body comp will likely not change a ton during this phase, but I do believe it to be necessary for overall success.

From there I will enter a large calorie deficit for 2-3 weeks. This will be aggressive, with the deficit as high as 30%. I’m hoping to minimize the amount of cardio I need to do, and really create some quick fat loss here. I know that I have a very adaptive metabolism, so the duration cannot be too long or I will cause issues that I can’t recover from.

When I feel biofeedback has peaked in this phase, I will quickly restore maintenance for 4-7 days depending on how long the previous phase lasted.

At that point, I can assess what the next phases will require in terms of deficit, duration, intensity, etc.. – but there is ZERO chance I can predict that as of now (anyone that tells you otherwise is full of crap).

The Lifestyle

This may be the single most important part of this journey for me (and you if you think you have a chance of actually beating me).

First of all – I am traveling….A LOT!

We have brought back the ALL iN NUTRITION TALKS, and I am booked on several private consulting days with business clients – so I need to prepare for that.

Second, I am fully prepared for energy to dip – I have systemized the things in my life to require less of my attention.


Patience will guide this process and is something I will remind myself of daily.

I will prepare food twice a week, eat pizza once a week, and ensure that everything in my life is set up to handle the ramifications of such an intense dieting phase.

Without this – failure would be inevitable….the last two years are perfect examples 🙂

How will you beat me?

As always, I am keeping no secrets – you now have my plan….so what is yours?

Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

Do you have the accountability you need?

You know I’m here to help – so let’s CRUSH the next 12 weeks together!

Sign up for Shredding Season today! And if you need a coach to help you make the most out of the next 12 weeks – let’s get you hooked up with one of our kick-ass coaches.