Dana is a teacher and came to me at the end of summer break last year. She was underfed for her training schedule during the summer (which was higher than during the school year). We slowly increased her intake especially knowing we were going into a stressful time of year which was the start of the school year for her. As the school year started we focused A LOT on lifestyle: meal timings, planning, stress management, appropriate training volume etc.

Understanding that she can’t just grab food whenever she wants in a classroom and by paying attention to meal compositions we were able to get rid of the afternoon crashes. Her newfound daily energy is probably my favorite part of her transformation! Being down 12 lbs. with only an increase in calories (no deficit here) so far isn’t so bad either.

Because of her profession, we have periodized both her nutrition and training around the school year and really emphasized stress management. Dana has worked hard at prioritizing what we needed for success as well as staying super consistent for 7 months now. This did not happen overnight and we even had weddings, weekend trips and nights out with friends in there. Dana has put in the work and it has really paid off and I can’t wait to see how she pays it forward to others!

“I started with iN3 Nutrition in July of 2018. Since then I transformed my life into the one I really wanted. I was a very lazy person who needed to take naps every day after work because my hormones were so off (I didn’t know this until much later) that I was never able to get anything done. I was always in a terrible mood, and I never wanted to work out. I was upset with the person I had become. I joined iN3 initially thinking “I know what I’m doing, I’ll just get the macros and go from there on my own”.

Well, I was wrong! I didn’t want to admit that I needed the help but I am SO happy I did! Kendalle has been so wonderful walking me through every step, no matter how minuscule. From explaining to me why I might be so tired, to how I could possibly fix it, and how to improve my overall wellness. She was so supportive, patient, and truly became a great friend to me. I couldn’t be happier with how far I have come in such a short amount of time. I even started going through the process through the Nutritional Coaching Institute to becoming a nutrition coach myself. This company has made such a huge difference and impact on my life and overall wellbeing, I want to do for others what iN3 did for me.” – Dana