How did Carrie Campbell achieve her best cut at age 40?! You’ll learn exactly that and more from Jason and Carrie on today’s episode. Carrie Campbell and her husband Brian help people eliminate their limits in their business, career, health, family, and fitness, and she did just that when she reached peak performance with her SHREDDED body. Listen to this episode to learn the perfect recipe for your client-coach relationship. Take notes, because you’ll learn how to use a pre-diet to set up your main diet for guaranteed success. And if you’re a coach, listen all the way through to hear 3 tips for predicting client performance so you can help them dominate at just the right time.

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If I understand the process, I’m more likely to adhere to the process.

-Carrie Campbell

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2:10 – You can let the scale determine your mindset, or you can learn how to create motivation through the numbers like Carrie

7:32 – Reducing calories is not always healthy! Why Jason actually had Carrie increase her calorie intake and how the pre-diet phase will determine your success

16:02 – If you want achievement, then you need to write down this one step in giving your mind full control over your body

21:49 – Do you struggle to see the beauty in physique and cutting? Hear why a cut is more than just a physical accomplishment for Carrie

26:19 – The 2 keys to a successful coach-client relationship. (Hint: It’s not always about skill or determination)

30:12 – Coaches: Make it IMPOSSIBLE for your clients to miss peak performance and physique in competition week, and it’s as easy as drinking your morning coffee

37:48 – Achieve peak physical conditioning without sacrificing your family and business life

40:19 – The perfect mindset cannot be achieved forever, so hear how to conquer your mind every day through a different angle


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