While I don’t always love the cliché “before and after” testimonial, I do believe in sharing the stories of strong, beautiful women in an effort to empower other strong, beautiful women. Nicole came to me open to trusting the process, growing stronger, performing better, and being fed. As a result, she’s PR’d almost everything, had some incredible advancements in her movements (hello muscle ups!), experienced better biofeedback, seen an improved body composition, and experienced significant shifts in mindset. This isn’t a highlight of Nicole’s “before” and “after”, it’s her “before” and “just getting started”. Watching Nicole’s progress is a highlight of my week, and I hope others can be as inspired by her story as I am.

“Working with Jess Durando and iN3 Nutrition has been such an amazing lesson in how much I can control my body and what it’s capable of. I started with iN3 nutrition coaching because my brother is also a client; and he surprised me with one month with his nutrition coach. After working with Jess for that first month, I knew I wanted to stay on-board.

I started with Jess with the goal of wanting to lean out and gain strength/muscle. I do CrossFit 5-6 times a week, but I didn’t feel like my body reflected that of someone who worked out so often and so intensely. After conveying my goals to Jess, I saw some pretty immediate changes based on the macros she set for me. I became a bit more lean, and I even hit some PR’s in the gym.

I would be lying if I said that aesthetics (and abs) aren’t important to me or no longer a goal, but as I go through this journey, I’ve begun to place more of an emphasis on my overall health, strength, and performance rather than the number of abs I can consistently detect in the mirror. Watching my cleans get better and heavier, PR’ing my front squat and push press, and surprising myself with my first bar muscle-up have been far more rewarding outcomes than the moments that I could see abs.

I think I’ve been able to make positive, incremental changes for two reasons;

1 — I am fueled! Nutrition has had the biggest impact on my strength and stamina, and I wasn’t fueled well enough to make those changes before.

2 — My coach, Jess! She is a truly incredible nutrition coach who listens to every detail of every weekly check-in to make sure that I’m headed in the right direction. I love the fact that Jess isn’t afraid to make changes to the plan based on my feedback. Maybe not everyone is comfortable with change, but I welcome it because I know it means she’s listening, and that she’s willing to try multiple avenues to see what works best for me. I may not know what the outcome of any given change will be, but I trust Jess with my well-being and the goals that I’ve communicated to her, which means that I’m absolutely willing to try the things she suggests for my success.

And on a more personal note, I couldn’t be more thankful that my brother set me up with iN3 Nutrition, and more specifically, with Jess. Even if I deviate a little bit, and know that I might have to send a weekly update that includes some details of indulgence due to vacation or a celebration, I still really look forward to that interaction each week because Jess responds with kindness, knowledge, and the support I need to keep going. I also feel like she is able to understand me as an individual and my mental space, which can also have an impact on performance and progress. I’m so thankful for all of the ways in which Jess supports my growth.

I think most people feel like their weight and body composition are out of their control because it’s hard to conceptualize, for example, how drinking soda every day could possibly add up to weight gain or poor health over time. But, it’s a great feeling to form a relationship with a coach who prescribes a flexible plan as she observes patterns, because when you do see your body change and you begin to feel healthier, you realize that you can take control over many factors that will help you to reach your goals.

Thanks to working with Jess, the experience I’ve had so far has helped me to create a new barometer for healthy, and I have a renewed sense of confidence for what I can accomplish with nutrition and in the gym. I feel more empowered than I did before because of Jess’ encouragement, and her ability to recognize my goals and help me get there. It feels great to be a strong, solid female who can lift heavy things and keep up during the workouts.

iN3 and Jess have been such a positive influences in my life, so much so that I’ve described my experience working with Jess to a number of people, and three have already become clients as a result! I’d recommend it to anyone.”

– Nicole

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