So proud of this girl for taking control of her life! She lost 20 lbs all while traveling, moving and even having foot surgery where she couldn’t walk for a while. Instead of viewing any of it as an excuse she used it as a challenge! She started with changing her actions which lead to a complete mindset shift about how she viewed her body! She finally saw the beauty inside and out that she always had and now she shines everywhere she goes! She continues to inspire me every time we connect! So proud of you Abby!!! Keep shining!

“I can honestly say that I’ve been looking for a coach like Chasity for so many years. I’m a former D1 athlete and Health Science major, but even with that knowledge, sometimes you still need help when it comes to your own health and goals. I look up to Chasity so much and in so many different ways, but I can tell you that my mindset, my knowledge, and my relationship with my body has changed completely. It’s nice to go through that journey with someone who’s going to kick your butt when they need to but is also going to love and support you through it all as well. Honestly it was one of the biggest learning experiences of my life and it’s helped my health food business expand as well!! I’m super excited to see what Chasity does in the future. You won’t find many people with the drive & love that woman has and having her as a nutrition coach has been the best decision I made!”


Crash Diets Don't Work