Do you want to eat more and perform better? This lady is doing just that and now becoming a nutrition coach to pay it forward! Check out my client Zuzana’s journey and success!

“To put things into perspective, I started working with Chasity Snowden in April on 2,200 cals in the middle of the open season with multiple tough workouts a week. Safe to say I wasn’t eating close enough to what I should be. Duh! Fast forward to today I’m at around 2600 cals and still keep adding! My slow metabolism is recovering every single week as I keep feeding my broken body. Benefits?

* better sleep
* better performance
* Improved mood – although I still get cranky
* Girls – my period is back
* More energy to function in the day
* Less coffee needed

Oh, and I lost about 5kgs! I know, more food = weight loss? How does that work? Well my dear friends, if you damage your body and metabolism with years of dieting and cutting calories and restricted eating, there’s only one way from there and that’s up. I’ve been working hard to rebuild my body and to feel better and it never ends. My coach Chasity motivated me enough so that I’ve been inspired to begin my journey as a nutrition coach as well and help others just like iN3 has helped me!”


Crash Diets Don't Work