Paola came to me over-trained and with a macro prescription that wasn’t in line with her goals. Nutrition wasn’t necessarily her main issue though – working on her MINDSET was our first priority. Not feeling like she HAD to train as much as she was to get what she wants, not feeling tied to her macros in social settings and making sleep a priority over the gym and other stressors were paramount.

So yes with less training, and switching to a plan with Evolved Training that was more conducive to her goals, a more balanced intake and more recovery we’ve worked her towards her main goal: feeling good in her skin. We even made it through the holidays with her feeling great and still adequately enjoying herself.

It’s a great transformation sure, but my favorite part of her transformation is the mindset shift we’ve made and losing the hard afternoon crashes she was having daily. Her energy is through the roof now, body composition is on point and she still feels fresh and strong in the gym. All around a win but she no doubt worked hard for it since we started together 7 months ago – she even attended an NCI Level 1 certification course this year and I cannot wait to see where she goes with this newfound knowledge!

“I invested in myself by hiring a nutrition coach and it was the best decision ever. Kendalle has been my coach, and what I thought was going to be dialing in my nutrition, was actually dialing in my goals and mindset. After just a few months, my clothes fit much better and I feel good in my own skin. More importantly, my mind is in a much better place and that has been a huge win!

Working with Kendalle has helped me make changes I never thought were possible. Here are a few examples:

  • Getting 1-2 rest days a week (I used to think running was rest)
  • Eating my regular macros on rest days (I thought this would make me blow up)
  • Increasing my sleep (man this is still hard, but I have gotten so much better)
  • Cutting my training in half (say whaaaaat? Yep… no more two-a-days and I feel like a million bucks). This has been my biggest struggle, and Kendalle showed me that although I was relieving stress working out, it was putting more stress on my body. I also changed my training to less high intensity and more balanced workouts thanks to Evolved Training Systems.
  • Cut back on caffeine and supplements (that fake energy was not serving me well)
  • Gave up hormonal birth control and switched to non-hormonal. This was a scary process and I could not have done it alone. She gave me all the resources to pull it off and stay healthy. So worth it! (Note: this was a decision made based on research by myself AND my doctor)
  • Track less and have more fun. She’s taught me to balance hitting my macros and letting go of tracking every now and then. This was not easy for me after tracking daily for 3 years. And I did not blow up!

We have come so far together and I can’t wait to continue this journey. I am grateful to have a nutrition coach that tells me what I don’t want to hear in a way that makes me do the logical thing myself and understand why these changes are important.” – Paola