When Jason and I started, his sleep quality was not the best, and he was struggling to find balance with social life and his body goals. He wanted to have the occasional glass of wine with his wife, and still see a change in his physique and in how he felt. In the beginning, he was suffering from some bloating and digestion leaving him not feeling 100%. This all was affecting his overall energy and he would gas out frequently during CrossFit workouts. His overall goal was to shape up his midline and add in better muscle to mass ratio. He wanted to get stronger and Rx more of the workouts.

His calories were well under 1900 and he was averaging under 150 g of carbs. The biggest focus was to clean up the diet a bit, while still finding balance. I wanted him to be able to continue to have the date night with his wife, while still seeing the progress he wanted.  started him on a Reverse Diet Protocol with about 1950 calories and began to slowly just increase calories over time has his body responded. We started to see all biofeedback responses (sleep, performance, energy, etc) go through the roof, while the scale was dropping. He is now currently eating around 2600 calories with the ability to push even more calories. I love watching my nutrition clients be able to eat more, look better, perform better, and overall create a new found confidence in themselves.

“I was referred to Amanda with iN3 Nutrition by several coaches / members at my box. Amanda was great from the start and very effective throughout the process. I spent 6 months working with her, saw tremendous improvement in my strength and overall abilities in CrossFit. The diet was fairly easy, just had to get used to weighing my meals, and making slight changes in food choices. I ate more, increased my calories, slimmed down, and gained lean muscle. I went from 197 lb and a 34-inch pant size to 178 lb and below a 32-inch waist.  My performance improved at the gym, where I got stronger, hit several PR’s, and increased my speed and endurance which were becoming stagnant previous to dieting.

Amanda was always available to answer any questions I had and you can tell she truly wants you to be successful. This was extremely valuable to me to have a proven strategy that I knew would work, that I could commit to. Thanks to Amanda and iN3 Nutrition for everything!” – Jason