Here’s a guy who had a goal and was beyond committed to reaching it! He’s a great example of someone who had to really cut calories to get to his goal. The end of his cut was what we call poverty macros. This is no place to stay for very long and I made that clear as we approached.

Starting macros: July 2018 200P/200C/100F 2500 calories

Ending macros: Feb 2019 190P/160C/50F   1850 calories with a weekly refeed at 270 carbs

Now it is time to reverse diet and eat for strength and performance!!!

Read about his experience below!

“Last summer I was really struggling with my weight and self-image. Over the span of my life, I have always had difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. I always wondered why I had so much trouble. Was I just going to be overweight forever? Why can’t I enjoy food? I don’t want to constantly starve. Do I really need to run 2 miles every day just to see change?

Then, one day while I was at the gym, I was listening to a podcast in my rotation, and Jason was a guest speaker. He started talking about different aspects of nutrition, gut health, and overall life management. Once they got to the meat of the podcast, he started talking about his company, iN3 Nutrition and what they do. I was intrigued. Over the next week, I explored the website and submitted an interest form.

Skip ahead, and I was paired with my nutrition coach, Brandy. I was informed that she would be a good coach for me because of my goals and interests in exercise. They could not have been more correct! Every step of the way, Brandy explains the how/what/why of what I am doing. If I ever have questions, she answers them to the degree of my questioning.

To start, my numbers were somewhat close to what I normally ate. From there, she adjusted my numbers and we started my cut. The beginning wasn’t so bad. Food was available, I could eat filling amounts. Then things start to drop… and drop… and drop…

There are times where I was questioning, “what am I doing?!” But, I stuck to it and trusted her. That was my best choice by far. We had to take my numbers pretty low, but we got to where I wanted to be. My lightest weight in over 10 years, and the strongest I’ve ever been! In six months I’m down 30 pounds. I couldn’t be happier about that. At this point in the cut, energy does get pretty low. That’s understandable. Being in such a deficit will have that effect. No gas in the car. That’s how it works – but she made sure I knew that and we were prepared for it!

I feel good about how I look, which is a HUGE statement for me, but I’m far from my end goal. I have a high bar set for myself, and with Brandy’s help, I will get there. Here comes the building!!!” – Barry W