For those days when you think you just don’t have the time for your workout, try out this Tabata HIIT session!

Tabata is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style of training that follows a time cycle of 0:20 seconds work, 0:10 seconds rest. The goal of Tabata or HIIT style training is to gain the most benefits from your session in a short amount of time. We love adding it in on those days when you need to get your cardio in with a tight schedule. The exercises are generally strenuous and advanced movements [which can be modified] but are only completed for short spurts of time followed by a short amount of rest. Tabata and HIIT training is efficient, providing maximum muscular and cardiovascular benefits with a quicker finish time for those busier days when you need to ‘fit in’ your workout. The repetition of rounds burns out the muscle groups to provide effective strength training and cardio conditioning. Tabata and HIIT are both proven to boost metabolism, increase lean muscle mass, and boost aerobic/anaerobic fitness levels. There are also benefits correlated with blood pressure health and blood sugar levels. It’s still important to get weight training days into your schedule when it’s possible, especially if you’re looking to tone up. But for those days when you’re contemplating skipping your workout, DON’T! Take 20 minutes, and make it happen!

Complete each of these movements 6x through using this setup for a total of 3 minutes in each round. Remember, 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. To shorten this sequence, just take out one or two of the movements.

Take 30 seconds rest between each full round before changing moves.
-Side to side skaters
-Push up jacks
-Squat jumps
-Tricep dips
-High knee runs
-’T’ Resistance band pulses
-Bear walks |2 forward, 2 reverse|

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