When Jeff came to us, he was already in great conditioning shape.

His goal, however, was to add muscle to his conditioned physique, but he didn’t want it to affect
his ability to surf by overdoing it with the surplus in calories he needed to add.
That’s when he was paired up with coach Tyler to receive the perfect application. Now Jeff has
done a great job doing just that!

People often worry that building muscle can cause fat gain. While that is true, taking the right
protocols along with accountability gives you the ability to have the best of both worlds.
So what does it take to add on muscle?

It takes a gradual increase in caloric intake, with the proper application for your specific needs.
That along with being paired perfectly with the correct training regime, and just the right amount
of cardio and you have a recipe for success, obviously form the picture above.

Everything is based on the individual, so you could take the exact same protocol and not have
the same results. That’s why it’s so important to be able to work with a coach one on one to
obtain your best results.

I’d say both Coach Tyler and Jeff have done an excellent job overall!