There’s nothing better than helping someone achieve their goals! Clients often come to us having tried various fad diets and programs and may have seen some success for a period of time, but that is often not sustainable. I love when I can then provide them with guidance on how to eat without restrictions, and achieve their best performance and enjoy their lifestyle!

My client, Kenny, has achieved countless PR’s since we started working together and he is now experiencing his best level of performance in his life, and I couldn’t be happier to share his words about his journey with you! Check it out!

“Before joining iN3 Nutrition, I traveled down a very similar path as most CrossFitters and exercise enthusiasts. About 5 years ago, I came out of being a college football defensive tackle at 280 lbs. I had always been pretty scared of eating. I then saw success resulting in fairly significant weight-loss, after getting hit early on with the paleo bug, then zone. After that I then I started implementing more carbs, and slowly started to eat more, little by little to keep fueling my goals.

My goal has always been to perform very well in the gym. I’ve always wanted to lift heavier and heavier. I always wanted to get the best times, and keep improving those times, and finally started to feel some confidence in becoming a competitive CrossFit Athlete. On my own, I could find a solid base of food to eat to perform at a decent level… but never had any guidance beyond that.

I plateaued for a solid year and a half where I think I ate the exact same amount of food, was somewhat pleased with slow and steady progress, but I knew I needed more! I needed a nutrition coach to give me the go-ahead to make changes, experiment a little, know when to eat more, and when to dial it back. Someone to guide me on how I should be fueling certain workout sessions, what supplements to take, and how to understand my bio-feedback and body composition changes, and my performance in my workouts was the next necessary step to finding success. So, I reached out to iN3 and got started with my coach, Marcos!

Being able to discuss how I’m feeling with someone, along with those objective results is what I had needed all along! By working with Marcos, I’ve learned a ton about myself and… I eat! And I enjoy the hell out of what I’m eating. And that of course, is the icing on the cake. Thanks Marcos!”