Amanda Barelli

Macro Nutrition Coach

I have been into into fitness and been Personal Training for the last 12 Years. I was a Collegiate Cross Country and Track Athlete at Seattle University where I graduated with a degree In Marketing. I Found Crossfit in 2008 and have been doing it ever since. I have been To CrossFit Regionals competing as an individual in SO CAL in 2010, 2011, 2012 , 2013, 2014. Currently a CF Certified Level 1 and a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Ladera Ranch Strength and Conditioning.

What were you doing before you started counting macros?
I was strict paleo for years before I started counting macros. I was not eating enough protein and carbs and was really overdoing the fat. I rarely cheated and if I did I felt so guilty I would obsess over it. I was definitely “Paleo Puffy.”

How has flexible dieting changed your life?
At the age of 32 I have the healthiest relationship with food and my body that I have ever had. I’m eating more than I ever have and am the leanest that I have ever been. I am performing well and did not realize how crappy I felt until I started eating carbs. I used to never be able to get on the scale without facing backwards. Knowing numbers and measurements sent me into a tail spin, and working out in just a sports bra would have never happened. Foods that used to make me feel guilty now are powerless, and I can eat them in moderation and feel great. Counting macros has given me a new understanding how my body functions and works.

What got you involved in the nutrition world and why did you become a coach?
I have always been fascinated by nutrition. I suffered from severe anorexia and Bulimia for a good part of high school and into college. My relationship with food was beyond messed up. I thought in order to be lean I needed to eat less and work out more. The damage aftermath of an eating disorder never really goes away. The mental part and body distortion issues remain even if the bad habits disappear. I learned so much on my path to recovery. I would love to be able to help others see the best side of themselves and truly feel comfortable in their own skin and body by using my own experiences.

What is it you love most about helping people?
Honestly I love seeing people start to have a new found confidence in themselves. The feeling of getting positive thank you texts, telling you that they feel awesome – well there just is nothing like it! When My clients are happy and feeling awesome it makes me feel good. Plus I love the challenge of each person’s body being completely different. You get to apply every bit of knowledge and experience to help them, with not one person being the same.

Best success story from client relationship:
This is a tough one because there is not just one. I would probably say one of my first ever nutrition clients, who had worked with another reputable nutrition company and had quit because she was so frustrated, starving and miserable. She started working with me and she is eating more carbs and food than she has ever eaten. Her abs are popping out, she has a much healthier relationship with food and her performance went through the roof. I have many stories like these but the impact I had on her was great she has referred me so many clients because she was so happy with her success.

How do you motivate and inspire people?
I try and set the best example and coach I can be. I want people to feel amazing about themselves! I like checking in with my clients and sending positive feedback and getting excited with them about their successes, no matter how small. I also share my experiences and my stories and what has worked for me. Something about being vulnerable and real that makes people relate.