Brandy Wann

Macro Nutrition Coach

Nutrition, health, and fitness became a priority in my own life when I was 25. You see I found myself in a place where I barely recognized the person staring back at me in the mirror and I thought to myself “it can’t all be downhill from here.”

During my journey, I found this crazy and awesome workout program called CrossFit way back in 2007. The closest gym in my area was over an hour away so I ended up opening my own! My love of coaching others was born in a warehouse teaching regular people how to move their bodies and accomplish things in the gym they never thought possible!

I have since traded coaching people on how to move their bodies properly for how to fuel and nourish their bodies properly. I help them understand the importance of eating nutrient-dense foods, the roles of protein, carbs, and fats. I show them their body can probably handle more food than they think it can (and look and feel better because of it). I help them ditch the all or nothing mentality they are so used to and instead show them they can have balance with the food they eat. The best part is I still work with regular people and I still get to help them accomplish things within themselves they never thought possible!