Brandy Wann

Macro Nutrition Coach

When I was 25, I had a hard look in the mirror and thought this cannot be as good as it gets. I was at my highest weight and stuffing myself into my clothes because I was too prideful and embarrassed to go up another size.

This is when I discovered CrossFit and after a few months, I started seeing some changes. Almost a year after that I was stalled in my weight loss and I finally accepted the fact that I HAD to change my eating. That’s when I really saw dramatic changes in my weight and body composition.

I’m like most people. I’ve tried all the diets with some success, but then fail to keep going long term. So many diets have a list of approved and unapproved foods. Telling me something is off limits basically means I will show you that I can do what I want and eat a whole pizza by myself!

Enter macros. Macros opened my eyes to so many foods that I used to have to save for my “cheat day”. I learned over time that really nothing had to be deemed off limits! If I was craving ice cream, I could have ice cream so long as it fits into my macros. This has been so freeing to me as at times my food habits had gotten to the verge of orthorexia combined with binging.

Being a nutrition coach is so much more than just giving someone a set of macros or a list of foods to eat and to avoid. What I do is very personal. My clients are letting me into their lives and trusting me with something that is very private and scary for many people. I love being able to be there for my clients in times of success and stumbles!

It’s part of my job to educate and provide accountability. But, it’s really so much more than that! I have sympathy and empathy for what my clients are going through. And there’s a good chance I have experienced something similar! Life will have an impact on people’s nutrition. It’s my passion to help my clients find success no matter what life throws at them!