Marcos Rivera

Macro Nutrition Coaching Online or in Henderson, NV

After playing a variety of sports in high school, I found myself competing in CrossFit competitions. I kept at it, and was eventually competing in the CrossFit Games at the Regional level. Prior to counting my macros, I failed multiple times to qualify as an individual regionals athlete. I was falling short and realized I needed to make a change with my nutrition. Once I began counting my macros and weighing my food proportions, I was successful in obtaining an individual athlete invitation.

What were you doing before you started counting macros?
Before I began counting macros, I was eating primarily a paleo based diet with added “cheat meals”. During that period, I focused on eating high quality organic foods without any planning and subsequently I felt like I wasn’t getting the most out of my workouts.

How has flexible dieting changed your life?
Prior to eating a well thought out and composed macro based diet, my energy levels and performance were significantly hindered. It wasn’t until I began logging my food and increasing the amount of carbohydrates I consumed daily that I really began to feel the difference in my energy and I noticed that my recovery time improved. Myperformance times were better, I increased my strength numbers, as well as a drastic change in my overall body composition. I think it is important, and almost humorous to mention that my main programming coach thought I was using PEDs because of the immediate impact my nutrition had on my overall performance and size.

What got you involved in the nutrition world and why did you become a coach?
It wasn’t until Jason Phillips delivered his seminar at CrossFit Max Effort, that I truly became involved in the nutrition world. More specifically, how a macro based approach could help obtain overall goals while not feeling overly restricted in what to eat. I immediately began researching information he published, as well as others, and implemented my own protocol. At the CrossFit Games South Regionals, Jason and I would talk about opportunities within the field and how he was looking for motivated individuals to get his message and services out to the public. From there, I began interning under Jason and learning the science behind the approach, and the rest is history!

What is it you love most about helping people?
I love helping people with nutrition because as a teacher and coach, my goal is to educate everyone I come in contact with. There is truly nothing more rewarding than having someone text you and let you know they are overjoyed with the amount of success they are having. When someone has success, it gives me a sense of joy knowing that I have made a difference in their life. I want to see everyone reach their goals and see the positive effects that this nutrition program can have on their health and life.

Best success story from client relationship:
The best success story actually came from a friend of mine who was struggling to obtain his performance and body composition goals. He would constantly tell me he felt he was too heavy to perform movements and that was holding him back in competitions. He was tired of where his progress was headed. I approached him to see if he wanted to be a test subject of mine, and try out a reverse diet. I felt like his current situation had him in a huge caloric deficit. He immediately accepted the offer! I explained that he needed to eat more of the right foods and he would lose weight.

Within 3 months, he had lost between 20-25 lbs, increased muscle mass, and decreased his overall body fat percentage. The best part was when he would send me hilarious photos of himself attempting to tie his board shorts that were easily 4 sizes too big!

How do you motivate and inspire people?
My motivation style is all about putting the needs of the client first. I keep myself available for everyone to ask questions around the clock and get back to my clients as quickly as I can when they have a question. There are no dumb or silly questions. I want people to know I am an open book and will not only respond to them with what I think, but make sure I consult other members of my team to get the best information relayed to them. I believe that providing this quality information and service helps inspire everyone I work with. Because everyone has specific needs, there is no cookie cutter answer that works for every individual.