Travis Zipper

Envision Nutrition Educator and Mentor

The role for Travis at Envision Nutrition has now evolved from a one-to-one nutrition coach to becoming an Educator and Mentor for the Envision Coaching Team. His role has now progressed to providing high-level mentoring and support to our Nutrition Coaching Staff.

In our industry, there are very few professionals with the caliber of knowledge and the extensive experience that Travis has. Travis and the Coach work together to help our clients when they plateau, stall, suffer digestive and gut issues, experience hormone imbalances, adrenal issues, and many other common problems.

With Travis as a staff resource, our Envision coaches have direct access to a mentor who can guide them with even the most hard-to-help cases.

About Travis:

Since submerging myself to the Fitness and Nutrition realm nearly two decades ago, my experience has ranged from working with clients as a Nutritionist/Diet Coach for a Medical Weight Loss Clinic and two separate Anti-Aging Clinics in which I performed numerous roles in helping patients fix any hormonal imbalances and lose weight. During that time, I worked with a team of doctors where we implemented both natural means and the use of bioidentical hormones to help people achieve their best selves.

My desire to learn has always been intense, and in furthering my desire to help others, I have become a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner (FDN) and I am continuing my education for a Level 2 FDN. I have accomplished three specialty certifications under Nutritional Fitness Therapy and I am currently in the middle of a Master Herbalist program that focuses primarily on dealing with female hormonal imbalances. I am Gut Health and Hormone Expert having trained other nutritionists in these fields. I continue to grow and learn with the hopes that I can help even more people. I have never met a client that I could not in some way help.

What were you doing before you started counting macros?
For years, I had been cooking my meals and because of my weekly cooking routine, I truly believed that I had the grasp and understanding of how many grams of protein, carbs, and fats were in the ingredients that I was using… but deep down I still had the feeling that I was missing something.

It wasn’t until I started to learn more as to how the body works and what it truly needed to thrive from a hormonal and gastrointestinal perspective, that it started to make more sense. It was from that point on that I believe I turned the corner health-wise and because of those changes, I am in better shape now than when I was in my 20’s!

How has flexible dieting changed your life?
Flexible Dieting has made me much more accountable in terms of staying on a plan and knowing (not guessing) what I am eating and if it is contributing or detracting from my personal goals.

What got you involved in the nutrition world and why did you become a coach?
The desire to help other started my journey and know I can sleep like a baby at night knowing I am giving back and adding value!

What is it you love most about helping people?
Seeing their faces or reading their replies when they finally see results that they have been chasing, after years of being unable to do it on their own.

Best success story from client relationship:
I have had numerous clients who come to me physically and mentally broken. Individuals who have been through the ringer when it comes to the medical system and have been on every drug imaginable only to end up worse off from when they first went to see their doctor. It is that type of client that usually needs a complete overhaul in terms of what they are eating, cleaning out their system and getting their hormones balanced before any weight loss or body changes can take place. But when that does happen it is hands down the single best feeling out there! Seeing someone who is lost find their way once again without the need for drugs, is the best possible success story in my eyes.

How do you motivate and inspire people?
I have always tried to employ a basic approach with myself and others. I strongly believe that a person’s health is founded on being educated on how to best care for themselves so that the body can run at peak efficiency and this comes by way of what they eat and how they treat their body. I really try to focus on what foods are optimal for each person’s body and mind, and by providing the ideas and sparks that are needed at times when creating a new and healthy lifestyle that can be realistically maintained.