Tyler Wright

Macro Nutrition Coaching Online or in Johns Creek, GA

From the time I was 13 years old, I began to ponder and seek ways to maximize the potential of the human body. I’ve been into multiple realms of fitness and played multiple sports in the last 11 years, including college football. I decided to make helping people with nutrition a career while still in college which led me to where I am today.

Before I knew any better, I was simply eating what I felt like eating, when I felt like eating it. I would go on health kicks for several months only to binge eat all sorts of sweets and junk food. It was an unsustainable roller coaster.

I discovered flexible dieting and it has given me the peace of mind to understand that I can still have something sweet when I want it. I just have to make sure that it fits within my plan and make sure that it’s not every meal or even every day.

I felt as though nutrition was the last unexplored frontier of my pursuit of performance optimization and health. I had been very active but had finally hit a wall in training. I knew that if I was experiencing these things, many others were likely going through the same drought. I wanted to figure it out for not only myself but for mentees as well.

My favorite thing about helping others is to see them come to grips with the notion that they no longer have to go to extremes to get the results they want. If I can help someone obtain a healthy relationship with food I sleep better at night.

I love finding out what my clients enjoy and asking them the right questions in order to paint a picture for them of how we can achieve their goals most effectively.

I can’t wait to help you achieve a level of performance and athleticism you didn’t know was possible!