After having 3 kids in her thirties, Jennifer’s body went through 3 pregnancies, all C-sections,
breastfeeding and sleepless nights, all while working full time. It wasn’t until she turned 40 and
her youngest was 1 year old, that she decided it was time to put her health first.

She began eating healthier, started running for the first time, and concentrated on cardio style
training. HIIT training made her feel strong and she grew to create friendships with like-minded
people. She made do with the little time she had and I started to get into shape.

However, after 3 and 1/2 years she still wasn’t where she wanted to be, that is when she started
incorporating weight training days into her routine and learned about macros, about 18 months

Her body started to change and she finally developed more muscle tone and learned about
food, but after a year she still struggled with unwanted body fat. She kept on cutting calories as
low as 1250, but nothing was working.

Then one day while listening to a podcast about macros, she heard about Envision coach,
Brandy Wann.

She researched Brandy and listened to the Envision podcast about reverse dieting, it really
resonated with her.

She knew she needed to work with Envision Nutrition.

Coach Brandy was able to bring her calories from 1300 to almost 1900 calories a day!
She quit concentrating so much on cardio style training and currently weight trains 5 days and
runs only 3 days.

Since working with coach Brandy for the past couple of months, she has lost 10lbs while eating
more and doing less.

Here is what Jennifer had to say about working with Envision:
“I am so grateful for the Envision Family! I am eating real Whole Foods and enjoying treats, it’s a
balance. My sleep is better too, I wasn’t resting enough and my body has responded so well!”

Thanks Jennifer and Brandy!!