Did you know that 9 out of 10 people who lose weight, gain it all back and then some….are you one of them?

The reason you can’t lose the weight for good, is because you’re adhering to a “diet” that is not actually a lifestyle for 6, 8, 12 even 16 weeks, that is not sustainable. We were not meant to always be dieting, for survival purposes, your body will finally fight you back.

Toward the end of your diet, you feel amazing, you look your best, you’ve built the confidence…so why in the world can’t you keep it off?

Because even though you feel your absolute best, life happens. Kids need to go places, groceries run low, time is thin and you’re tired, worn down, and beat up. You begin to justify how good and diligent you’ve been all this time and that ONE time won’t hurt….

So you cave since one time won’t hurt right?…right, buuuuut that one time turns into 2 times and then before you know it, you’ve totally blown it and you look back wondering how you got back to this place….again!

Here’s the thing!

Let’s remember that #1, you are HUMAN.

And also during your diet, as I said before, you are living in the starvation zone. Your body is going to fight you…and you are trying to win a war against mother nature and your body’s instinct, and the problem is that you’re fighting with tools you haven’t learned how to fight with.

Well, can you win? Yes, but you need the tools to do it. Tools you can’t develop by undereating and overtraining, again and again…you’re not learning anything different, so how can you possibly expect a different result?

Develop the tools, create the structure, and obtain the accountability even those with the strongest will power must-have. Okay well, that’s great but what are the tools?

1. Habits, in order to create long term health habits, they must be sustainable in the first place. Let’s look at that word sustainable, it means the ability to maintain a constant state for a long period of time. So do you think if your body is hungry all the time you can maintain that? No. so you must find a happy medium, one that you feel confident yet satisfied with. Once you create your habit of movement and how you fuel your body, it’ll become easy and you’ll stop second-guessing or allowing yourself to justify your way out.

2. Accountability, it is so difficult for us to go it alone….why do you think they’ve created rehabilitation programs or Alcoholics Anonymous? Because people need people to hold them accountable and people who can help them figure out what to do if they mess up. This is probably the second most important step into any sort of success. Here at Envision Nutrition, we have the best accountability team available for you. None of us can rely on our own willpower alone, we need each other to help each other.

3. Know your triggers and what to do when you encounter them. For example, if you’ll go ham any day of the week on a pan of brownies, but yet you can have the individually wrapped chocolates in your home and will only have one…I think you know which one is the trigger and which one is helpful in adhering to your healthy habits. Other things that can cause triggers or emotional eating can be something that sparks an extreme emotional state. For example, if something makes you angry and anger is your emotion that makes you throw in the towel and stuff your face…try to find another way to let out your anger or frustration, such as a run, difficult workout, journaling, yoga/meditation or call your accountability partner.

You can create healthy habits that will last you a lifetime, you can have the physique you desire and the beauty of it, is that if you are diligent and consistent your body will repay you when it’s not always feeling empty.

It’ll repay you not only with confidence, which is a whole new floodgate for opportunity but you’ll also be living a longer happier and more fulfilled life. Eventually, you’ll begin to quit wondering “what if I would have” and you’ll start becoming proud of who you are and what you’ve done and are doing.